Holistic Dentistry

The Relationship of Oral to Overall Health

Most patients and health professionals are unaware of the effects that oral health issues, particularly mercury from amalgam fillings, gum disease and other oral problems can have on overall health.


biological.dental.symmbol[1]The terms oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities. Oral health is integrated to general health: Oral health means more than healthy teeth and you cannot be healthy without oral health.
– Donna Shalala Secretary of Health and Human Resources; Oral Health in America: A report of the Surgeon General.

Oral health issues affecting overall health


Most health professionals are aware that certain seafood is a source of mercury. But did you know that mercury amalgam fillings are the number one source of chronic mercury poisoning, far greater than seafood or environmental causes.

Mercury Poisoning

The symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning are many and the health problems mercury can directly or indirectly cause contribute to or make it worse.

Gum Disease

The role of gum disease as a contributing and even causative factor in systemic disease is not debatable. When any infection is present in the body, especially one as serious and long lasting one as gum disease, it will negatively affect the entire body.

Other areas of concern

•Infected root canals
•Infected extraction site
•Non biocompatible dental materials
•Other diseases of the oral cavity

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